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A prop is first and foremost a teacher

This was the first afternoon presentation of the conference. Abhijata introduced the session with images of the many ways that we support and participate with one another. We seek support to grow, for guidance (a child and teacher), for emotional … Continue reading

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Gravity and the heart

Guruji’s writings will seed lifetimes of contemplation. This summary of Eddy Marks’ talk at Yoganushasanam includes my own midnight musings. “Intelligence is in every cell in the body, but dormant. You have to learn how to tap it.” Some of … Continue reading

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Yoganushasanam 2015: Exposition on Quotes by Guruji

Inspiration is precious, whenever it presents itself. Guruji’s life story, his practice, his teachings, and his pithy sayings will continue to stimulate us to aspire and study. Now that he no longer graces us in this material plane, we can … Continue reading

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Reflections from Pune: Yoganushasanam conference

The second Yoganushasanam conference opened with a majestic invocation by Guruji’s personal priest, Nataraj Shastri. Geeta then explained the relevance of this prayer by summarizing Ashtanga Yoga, and the eight petals of the Yoga sadhana. The prayer described how the … Continue reading

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Living with Your Spine in Backbends: Nov 7th @ InYoga in Valley Village

Living with Your Spine in Backbends Sat Nov 7, 2015, 2pm – 5pm The natural curves of the spine allow for easy mobility in the neck, shoulders, arms and legs, while providing support for the internal organs. Over the years, … Continue reading

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Gems of the Gita: Oct. 18th at Rising Lotus in Sherman Oaks

Gems of the Bhagavad Gita Revealed Thru Asana An afternoon of twists, technique, and the timeless art of yoga Yoga is skill in action, Yoga is evenness of mind. These gems encapsulate yoga practice as it is expressed in the poetic and … Continue reading

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Birjoo Metha on working with the elements

When I first heard that Birjoo Mehta was going to dedicate a whole conference to working with the elements, I was elated.  Along with many others, I  am fascinated with the idea of how the element of water, air, earth … Continue reading

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Guru Tattva, Birjoo Mehta on yoga after Guruji

I recently returned from an inspiring four day conference with Birjoo Mehta in San Diego. I hope to draft several posts to share his delightful work. The teacher-student relationship can be an intimate and demanding one, especially when the two … Continue reading

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June 21st is International Yoga Day

The Summer solstice is a fitting foundation for a celebration of yoga. Consider the Gayatri Mantra, which originally accompanied the dawn practice of Surya Namaskar. This morning ritual used the sun to symbolize the light within each individual, and the process to awaken … Continue reading

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Pranayama Workshops at Yogis Anonymous: Sun. Jan. 11th & 18th, 8:30am

Prana, the resonance that we all share and that manifests in and around us as vitality, sustains us best when we consciously experience and explore its many nuances. How do we befriend it? How can we enhance it? What do … Continue reading

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